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They give you control over the privacy settings that are right for you, and what types of data we collect and use across our services.

Control how data is used across Dating lahr Take control of data saved in your Google Account You can find key info, privacy, and security settings all in your Google Account.

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We have created easy-to-use tools like Dating lahr and My Activity, which give you transparency over data collected from your activity across Google services. There are also powerful privacy controls like Activity Dating lahr and Ad Settings, which allow you to switch the collection dating lahr use of data on or off dating lahr decide how all of Google can work better for you.

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Dating lahr to your Google Account Choose the privacy settings that are right for you with your Privacy Checkup In just a few minutes, you can manage the types of data we collect, update what you share with friends or make public, and adjust the types of ads you would like us to show you. You can change these settings as often as you want and even choose to have regular reminders dating lahr to help keep your current settings in mind.

Using Activity Controls, you can decide what types of activity get associated with your account to personalize your experience across Google services dating lahr pause the collection of specific types of data — like your search and browsing activity, location history, and information from your phone, laptop, or tablet.

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To make it easier to recall your past online activity, we give you tools to dating lahr by topic, date, and product. Go to My Activity See and manage data in your Google Account in Dashboard We make it easy dating lahr see an overview of the Google products you use and the dating lahr in each of them, all in one place.

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You can review your Google activity in the past month; see how many emails, docs, and photos you have; and get answers to questions about Gmail settings. You also have quick access to relevant product settings and related help center articles if you need them.

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Your emails. Your contacts. Even your bookmarks.

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You are in control of the data saved in your Google Account. That is why we created Download Your Data — so you can make a copy, back it up, or even move dating lahr to another dating lahr.

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Go to Download Your Data Decide what basic personal information to share to make it easier for others to get in touch You can manage personal information like your name, email, and phone number to help others find and contact you on Google services like Hangouts, Gmail, and Photos. Go to your personal info settings Control what information Google uses to show you personalized ads In Ad Settings, we make it easy to control what data dating lahr use to personalize ads to you.

Go to Ad settings Privately browse the Internet with Incognito mode Your online history can help make your search results more useful, but there are times you may want to browse in private. For moments like this, open an Incognito window on your computer or mobile device to prevent Chrome from saving dating lahr browsing history.

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Learn more about our safety efforts Your security.