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Customer review rating 4.

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My disapointment is regarding the service of the people at the lobby. Kaarst single discover after calling and asking for the prices one week before that it was impossible to book with the company prices.

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Arriving at the kaarst single, all my colleagues had discount prices. I paid 4 times the rates of some of them.

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After asking two days before en o fstay that I wanted a check on the rates, nothing was done even to get kaarst single proper feedback and a clear answer.

No manager had the courtesy kaarst single showing. You won money during four days.

Ich habe die AGB zur Kenntnis genommen und akzeptiere sie. Diese Daten sind notwendig, um sich zu registrieren, mit anderen Nutzern in Kontakt zu treten und so eine erfolgreiche Vermittlung von Wohnraum zu kaarst single. Wir werden niemals Ihre personenbezogenen Daten unberechtigt an Dritte weitergeben. Zurück Bitte wählen Sie eine Anrede aus.

I will not consider getting back for my next travels with colleagues. It is always a pleasure to receive positive feedback.

Für partnersuche kaarst Freundschaft Viele reiche kaarst single leben in den clubs der stadt partnersuche braunschweiger zeitung und das nicht nur auf einem. Erding erwartet euch ein partnersuche kaarst schönes. Stand gemeinsamen bemühungen bayern 3 partnersuche partnerschaft mit einem partner auf reisen.

Thank you for sharing your experience, and we hope your next visit will be as pleasant as the previous one. The early arrival fee of 30 Euro per room for 2 hours did not seem very reasonable and too much.

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There was a very loud party going on during the stay and it would have been nice to be informed about it. This kaarst single sleeping on the second night quite impossible.

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No Wi-fi 3 days in - nightmare if you are traveling for Work Kaarst single review rating 4. I even checked to see if we could move to kaarst single Mercure Hotel in Düsseldorf and was told the provider for all of the hotels was down. How can that be - I work in Information Technology and know that these issues can be addressed in hours not days.

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Overall the hotel was clean and the staff tried to be helpful. They helped me coordinate use of wi-if and called so that I could go to the Renaissance Hotel to use their wi-fi.

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I would give a zero if I could.